A complete business management app...

Create, store and finalise bills • One touch invoice creation • Manage customer accounts • Send monthly statements • Track expenses • Store and utilise customer details • Generate PDF and CSV reports to send directly to your accountant • Subscribe and share live information across multiple devices.


📄 Create, Store and Finalise Bills

Create bills from malleable user defined items  •  Link to customers  •  Store until complete  •  Finalise with multiple payments

📰 One Touch Invoice Creation

• Personalised invoices  •  Track outstanding invoices  •  Re-send overdue invoices

👥 Manage Customer Accounts

•  Create and store accounts  •  Link to customer  •  Send monthly statements  •  PDF sent by email or printed and posted

Track Expenses

•  Create and store expenses  •  Link to supplier  •  Generate PDF or CSV reports for date ranges  •  Attach scanned receipt or invoice (coming soon)

📊 Fully Featured Reports

•  One-touch financial reports  •  Export via PDF or CSV  •  X-read, Z-read, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, By Item, By Department, By Customer

Receipt and Kitchen Printers

•  Wirelessly connect to your receipt printer and attached cash drawer  •  Configure multiple kitchen printers  •  Define which items print where